Grizedale Arts



In the year of the Coniston Water Festival:

Pablo Bronstein began his designs for a Post Enlightenment Chicken Coup
Ken Russell gave a show at Rusland Reading Rooms and championed his Millican Daltonites in Consiton (with a rather splendid lovely legs competition) (which he won)
Jesse Rae ran Brick FM and funked up the valley
Robert Eikmeyer began his research on our grand TransEuropean masterplan
Jen Liu’s Breetheren of the Stones came to life
Lucienne Cole researched Lakeland mods
Jesse Bercowetz and Matt Bua rescued a boat from Walney Island and erefloated its ghost on Coniston
Bryan Davies and Dan Robinson began Thinking Space for the North
And Lali Chetwynd pushed and pulled but couldn’t find a way through it all, well yet, at least.