Grizedale Arts



Cathy Ward and Eric Wright
Bedwyr Williams
Olivia Plender
David Blandy
Beagles and Ramsay
Emily Wardill
Tom and Simon Bloor
Barry Sykes and Sean Parfitt

This was the year of year of Romantic Detachment when 53 artists were involved in a major live project exhibition for PS1/MoMA and Roosevelt Island in New York, which threw together all the extremes of romanticism, from Coleridge to the Clash. The new residents all produced projects in throughout the states or in Grizedale to be taken to New York.

Cathy Ward and Eric Wright were commissioned to produce Destiny Manifest a film studying the ill fated pioneers’ route through the west.

Bedwyr Williams’ Satterthwaite Night Live was an open mike stand up comedy night at the Eagles Head in Satterthwaite, webcast to the world, with a live link up to a bar in New York.

Olivia Plender was commissioned to produce The Evil Genius as part of her ongoing comic book series

David Blandy undertook a Barefoot Pilgrimage across the states and New York

Beagles and Ramsay were commissioned to produce a human blood sausage a gave a cookery demonstration or two in New York

Emily Wardill’s Feast Against Nature reconstructed the black dinner scene from Haussmanns’s Against Nature in the Lake District and New York

Tom and Simon Bloor plastered the world with their acute brand of sloganeering and brande all the artists in the project

Barry Sykes and Sean Parfitt gaves lectures and whittled wood for a while

The project toured Chapter Arts, Cardiff; Q Arts, Derby; Folly Lancaster and a number of village halls back home, when Olivia Interviewed Ken Russell at Rusland Reading Rooms and Jeremy Deller and Alan Kane’s Souped Up Urn was presented to Water Yeat Village Hall.