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The New York based collective eTeam utilised a whole marquee as part of the Let's Get Married Today project, creating a special booth for people to entertain two sheep (Doddy & Crystal) who, according to eTeam and local farmer legend, had been married for so long that they couldn't even be bothered to watch TV together anymore. A range of props were provided to take into the booth and perform to the sheep with, which ranged from masks and newspapers to jewellery, T-shirts and guitars. The performances were secretly filmed which encouraged young and old to be daring as they were under the impression they were doing the sheep a favour in private….(!)

Ryan Gander designed the programme for Let's Get Married Today and is researching a piece of work centered around the Midland Hotel in Morecombe.

S Mark Gubb DJ'd at Let's Get Married Today and has built Church in the Woods, an American style clapboard Church (based on the one from the film Deliverance) which will be the setting for a horror movie - deteriorating with time. Mark has written the script for the horror movie, which he will shoot later this year. Mark also produced a film which toured with Roadshow titled The Scooby Dead.

Artist Activity Continued...
Adela Jones performed Live Stockjudging Event as part of the Let's Get Married Today project. This lively event involved couples in cow costumes (designed and made by Adela) performing in a specially created 'market place'. All the performers were fantastic, and Dominic Allen and partner's crowd pleasing stunts and cash bribe secured them first place.

Kerry Stewart undertook her research at Grizedale, which consisted of making plaster casts in the forest, with a view to making an object decorated with a landscape tableau. Kerry also staged Mull of Kintyre a performance involving a fantastic gigantic Crow (made by Kerry) conducting a ritual mating dance to the song Mull of Kintyre (performed by Roger Orwin).

Olaf Breuning created an installation in the Forest Cat - For Mimi and Talia which he photographed (and has subsequently sold numerous copies of to New York Galleries!). Olaf is also created a video with the winners of the Battle of the Bands competition, Zenolith, which was part of the Roadshow project.
Alan Kane & Jeremy Deller researched around the Appleby Horse Fair and contributed Let's Get Married Today.

Mark Wallinger - we are currently working with Mark on the development of an Ark, as described in the Bible, to be sited here at Grizedale. This will be approximately 470' long and will be made from wood. This is a large-scale project that will take approximately 3 years to complete.

Marianne Walker researched photographs based on crime scenes or those having a human trace/prescience.
Dominic Allen researched an automaton (an animated sculptural object which lit up when money is put into it) in conjunction with Satterthwaite School.

Other artists in 2003
Matt Stokes (resident artist 2002-4) acted as meeter and greeter whilst encouraging visitors to fill in his specially designed Wish Cards at Let's Get Married Today. Visitors were encouraged to proffer advice or a special wish for the couples, who will post the cards back to the author when the wish or advice comes true.
He has also been working with a number of individuals, organisations and institutions on the development of a Rave Archive and film that documents the Old Skool Ravers of the South Lakes, from 88-03.

Miranda Whall developed a project inspired by work initiated with Lace Clubs in Cumbria. Aspects of Mirandas drawings were transferred into lace designs which included fantasy, the pious with the unruly, the epic and the local and images from magazines and photographs.