Grizedale Arts


Rob Kesseler

'Gathered' was an event at Grizedale where the artist staged an outdoor formal dinner for twelve invited guests. The artist designed all aspects of the dinner, including the dinner service that bore images of magnified pollen. This event led to an exhibition in late summer 2001 at Dove Cottage, with the Wordsworth Trust and a publication, ‘Pollinate’, which is available from the Grizedale Arts Office.

Stuart Mugridge

Stuart produced a publication called Seven Short Walks which consists of seven illustrated route cards which outline micro-walks in the forest, each only a few yards long. The mosses and lichens that can be found in these walks are named on these cards and the publication comes complete with its own Seven Short Walks magnifying glass.

Claire Shoosmith

Claire Shoosmith involved the people who work in, live in and move through the Lake District landscape. Over 400 souvenir badges were sewn on to jumpers fabricated from Hawkshead walking socks. The badges were placed geographically over the arms, neck, front and back. People were then approached in the actual badge locations and asked to have their photograph taken, wearing the jumpers.

Sarah Staton

Sarah Staton collaborated with the local craft business ‘Ewe Two’ to produce a series of wooden outsize buttons during her residency, which can be purchased form the Grizedale Arts office.

Hans Waanders

Continuing his fifteen year obsession with the kingfisher, Dutch artist Hans Waanders placed a number of branches as perches along the banks of becks in Grizedale, in a bid to attract the kingfisher to this location. These interventions have been documented in the publication Perches, available from the Grizedale Arts office.

The One About the Camel Jordan Baseman 2001

Chris Helson

Chris was the artist attached to The Grizedale Building Development Plan and work with the appointed architects to develop the initial plans for the Visitor Centre at Grizedale. He also worked on a number of shorter projects in and around the visitor centre; the film Stand-up where the Director of Grizedale Arts performs a stand-up comedy routine; Music For Car Parks, where all drivers in the Grizedale car park were given a cassette and asked to play it in their parked car, and Cumberland Wrestling, a short film detailing the specialist holds of the sport. He also took part in the Grizedale Show in 2001.

Tim Olden

Tim was Grizedale's first composer-in-residence. Primarily a electronic composer, Tim creates soundtracks that blend 'old' and 'new' techniques, featuring both mechanical and digital devices. Utilising the new media technologies from the fields of sound and video, Tim composed and produced highly original music and audio installations.

During his residency Tim set up a radio station to be broadcast solely within the forest; the programme included works by local sixth formers and a new collection of contemporary music especially written for barrel organs.

Jordan Baseman

The first piece produced during this artist’s residency was Day is Done, a video installation of five older women, filmed separately, but singing the same lullaby to the tune of ‘The Last Post’. Following on from this, Jordan chose to produce a series of short ‘documentary’ films revolving around specific individuals, groups and situations. The action and narrative of each film is participant led. The One About the Camel is a somewhat disturbing observational piece about two men who work in a defunct Thorntons chocolate shop. Two further films were made at the Roosecote Raceway Demolition Derby Track in Barrow -in- Furness. Raceway Queen is about a transvestite who was raceway queen for the day and The Sun Always Shines on the Righteous follows the races and their competitors.

Sophy Rickett

The combination of Grizedale, the surrounding countryside and minimal light pollution, provided photographer Sophy Rickett with an ideal outdoor location to continue her nocturnal photographic series of 'Untitled Landscapes' in both rural and urban locations within The Lake District and Cumbria. ‘Palm Trees’ (2000), taken in Los Angeles, was followed up with Pine Trees (2000) taken in Grizedale. In Burning Bush, the light from a sodium street lamp transforms some anonymous motorway shrubbery. A publication Sophy Rickett: Photographs is available from the Grizedale office, including her work at Grizedale.

Steve Hollingsworth

Steve Hollingsworth works with neon and video, transforming every day objects into a spectacle. Earlier projects saw him incorporating refrigeration systems into his work. For Grizedale, Steve pursued his line of enquiry into the possibilities of light within the forest, which included ‘Neon Rustique’ – a neon billboard which could be seen by walkers from the Old Man of Coniston.

Claire Todd

Claire Todd works in performance and object based media. During her residency at Grizedale she produced Verges, a live art piece featuring Alison Nicholson; Cubby, a site specific work with Chief Wildlife Ranger John Cubby and a seal suit with related drawings. The seal suit formed part of the film Lunan Bay, which was recorded and produced on the east coast of Scotland. Lunan Bay was shown at ‘Grizedale Live’ on 21 June 2001.

Louise K. Wilson

Louise K Wilson incorporates scientific enquiry into her work. At Grizedale, Louise researched the Blue Streak, a rocket system which began its life as an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile in the late 1950s. Rocket Engine tests were made at Spadeadam, east of Carlisle, where Louise visited the site and spoke to those involved in the design and construction. The result of her investigation has, to date, been a series of video works, exhibitions, tours and talks & events. Please see Current Events section.

Simon Crump

Simon Crump's approach to writing involves mixing real experiences and events, people and places, with fiction. His ideas stem from his surroundings, the city of Sheffield where he has lived for the last 20 years and the strangeness of ordinary life. Time spent in the rural setting of Grizedale, was in contrast to this urban environment. His interest was largely in Grizedale's history. Grizedale Arts is based in buildings that used to be an old prisoner of war camp and Simon researched Officers Camp No.1 at Grizedale Hall, which included digging in a disused grave and working in one of the Grizedale car parks where the contents of the camp were dumped after World War 2. The resulting publication includes a collection of research material and an essay relating to life in and around the camp, available form Grizedale Arts office.

Ben Coode-Adams

Ben worked with a local tent company to produce a special interactive tent. The viewer whilst sitting in the tent could manoeuvre the video monitor’s picture to show different scenes as witnessed through a tent opening. The project was launched at The Grizedale Show 02. Ben also collaborated with Barrow Council to produce an interactive bench for the city centre, which people could sit on and select audio tracks inspired by the people of Barrow.