Grizedale Arts

The Valley School

12/11/2016 until 01/01/2020

The Valley School is an ongoing Grizedale project to formalise Grizedale’s education programme. Conceived as a school which finds purpose for creative people and which generates a creative community, the Valley offers a broad education to a wide range of users and operates across the Coniston Institute, Lawson Park, the wider Crake Valley and through Grizedale Arts’ international projects.

The Valley aims to educate and develop communities of students, residents and visitors in the village and valley together – with each group bringing its skills and knowledge to the others. It is a school where participants both learn and teach: how to grow food, make useful objects, organise events, make a good soup or build a house. In doing so the school aims to change the way that artists operate within society, placing the artist’s role back within everyday life. It is a school of many manifestos.

The school makes use of a wide range of resources - from the very local to the international - including manure piles and mushroom patches, projects in international arts institutions, the expertise of local farmers and the valley’s rich cultural history.

Valley Girls

The most recent outing of the Valley School took it to the USA, where Francesca Ulivi and Niamh Riordan represented the ideas behind the school at the Alternative Art School Fair, at Brooklyn’s Pioneer Works. Wearing self-designed uniforms of potato printed workwear, they used objects from Lawson Park’s collection and the Honest Shop, a Marcus Coates creative fitness routine, and a new manifesto (the New Super Heavy Heavy Rules of Public Art) to ‘show and tell’ Grizedale’s education programme to a warehouse full of like minded organisations. Read more here