Grizedale Arts

The Re-Coefficients Dining Club


In 1902, in the shadow of John Ruskin's death, the leaders of the Fabian Society, founded the Coefficients Club to bring together the most powerful figures in the British Establishment with social critics and idealists to discuss and make plans for social reform and a new, unified liberal new world order. And eat. Just over 100 years later, on St George's Day Friday 23rd April 2010 at The Millennium Galleries Sheffield we reformed the Dining Club format, using this forum for discussion, to bring together six new voices to give speeches on social and cultural reform over a socially pointed menu.

With musical interludes by the Musical Stones of Skiddaw and the Bandwagon Barbershop Quartet, table settings and cutlery especially commissioned by local craftspeople and a backdrop of the film Our Daily Bread (dir. N. Geyrhalter), the scene was set for a five course dinner of soups. The event was recorded and six films were made offering different perspectives on future ways of living. The films can be viewed below.

This project was supported by Media Arts Network as part of the GTV project with John Moores University.