Grizedale Arts

School for Tourists

18/07/2011 until 22/07/2011

Further Details

School for Tourists is a project by artist Emma Smith developed with Grizedale Arts. It proposes a new kind of tourism, not based on sightseeing nor using the landscape as an adventure playground. The School for Tourists seeks to promote forms of tourism that contribute and forge better relationships between visitors and visited. It is a way to improve the conditions of those who travel and those who host. We hope this will be a more rewarding and fruitful way to go, with a sustainable future that might solve some of the social, cultural and economic problems inherent in the current system of ‘pay and go’ tourism.

In simple terms the school aims to make better tourists.

The project takes place in and around Grizedale Arts’ own village of Coniston in the English Lake District, home of John Ruskin, Victorian artist, social reformer, critic and father of radical environmentalism.

The course will be based around the Coniston Institute, a historic building created by Ruskin in the 19th century for education, the arts and social cohesion that is currently being redeveloped by the village and Grizedale Arts as a new type of visitor attraction, for locals and tourists to use together and work in together.

The course is available as a complete six night package for £200 with accommodation provided in villagers’ homes or as a menu of one day events. Booking is essential.

The course involves walks, lectures, practical workshops, volunteer work alongside locals, discussions, music and dancing and home made food.

For booking information contact Maria Benjamin on 015394 41050 or