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This project comprises of three interrelating components:

So Many Ways to Hurt You, the Life and Times of Adrian Street
A film by Jeremy Deller
HD 41'

An Extended Lecture on Twigs: a Preter-Ruskinian Education
A field trip for a group of Portuguese speaking pupils of the Lilian Baylis School, London, to spend one week drawing in and around the Lake District village of Coniston.

The Mechanics Institute
Grizedale Arts and Jeremy Deller
With an integrated, active education programme

The underlying subject of this project revolves around how the actions of individuals can change society and culture; the role of self-organisation within process of industrialisation or de-industrialisation and ground-up initiatives in education and social reform.

This project sits within the long term programme of Grizedale Arts' work to rethink the work of 19th Century polymath and artist John Ruskin, in relation to contemporary politics and culture.

Rather than presenting a single piece of work that researches, references and responds to Sao Paulo, the idea was to provide visual content that contrasts with the context and yet, works constructively as an extension of the Bienal's education programme and works as part of a durational programme that has applications and legacy beyond the timescale of the Bienal.

Supported by Foundacao Bienal de Sao Paulo, Arts Council England and The British Council.

Foundacao Bienal de Sao Paulo
Parque Ibirapuera portao 3
CEP 04094-000
Sao Paulo

25 September - 12 December 2010

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