Grizedale Arts

Lawson Park Library

01/01/2009 until 01/11/2011

Guestroom, a project by Ruth Höflich and Maria Benjamin, was commissioned by Grizedale Arts to make a library as part of the recent development of the main Lawson Park building.

The shelving, table and screen-printed wallpaper were designed with ideas of crossover and fluidity within structures in mind, based on a pattern of interacting line and colour. A defining aspect of the library is the portable shelving units, which allow the library to travel in smaller sections to various locations, over various time scales. One such section is housed in the local Coniston Institute Library, where a collection of locally made films will be held on a permanent basis.

"We decided to make a specialist library focusing on the work of Grizedale Arts and so categorised the books, films and ephemera in relation to the themes of specific Grizedale Arts projects. The library has five main categories, as well as one additional category added by Guestroom, called Ways of Living, that will continue to evolve."
The contents of the library are organised in the following categories:

· Live in the Forest (incl. history of Grizedale Arts, Sculpture and Land Art, Landscape/Nature/Natural History and projects predating 'Roadshow')

· Roadshow (incl. Alternative Culture, Folklore, travelling shows and temporary constructions, TV and broadcasting, preaching, Religion and salvation, failed ideologies)

· Romantic Detachment (incl. Romanticism, Americana, Blacksploitation, Soul Music, Pilgrimage)

· Food/Stacking/Samurai (incl. ideas of usefulness, cooking farming and gardening, Happystacking in China, Seven Samurai in Japan, sustainability, engaged practice)

· Cumbriana Proof (incl. Localism, Lakeland Culture, Arts and Craft movement, Ruskin, Coniston Water Festival, Creative Egremont)

· Ways of Living (incl. journeys and travel, biographies, ideas of freedom and transformation/proposals for how to live)

Ways of Living is part of a wider Guestroom project that looks at the concepts and motivations of how we live, and ideas of freedom and transformation. It is designed to grow and evolve as a special interest collection of Guestroom, while its content reflects on the nature of a built environment such as Lawson Park Farm.

Guestroom are working in collaboration with Dorian Moore to develop this website as an important addition to the actual library. Through the website you will be able to access the library database, comment and tag material, see what events are taking place in both Lawson Park library and the local village library in the Coniston Institute and link to interesting and relevant national and international library sites, as well as to other book and reading projects.

This project has been generously funded by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and Arts Council England

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