Grizedale Arts

House of Ferment

01/07/2016 until 0000

The House of Ferment is a theatrical and exhibition version of the larder at Lawson Park farm. The larder has been developed over 10 years by Karen Guthrie and the collective of people involved with Grizedale and has included the development of various means of preservation from pickling to drying, jam making to oil based preservation. The HOF specifically aims to highlight and develop fermented preservation and draws from many different countries and cultures that Karen and the Grizedale programme have worked in over the past 10 years.

The first incarnation of the HoF was as one of the elements of the Grizedale project Coloseum of the Consumed for Frieze projects 2012. A commission from The Science Gallery London and curator Rebbecca Heald provided an oportunity to expand and develop this - bringing science and art, and the collective way of working together to create an outreach, research and public presentation of the ideas underpinning this project.

Karen and Grizedale worked with designers Front and fabricator/designers M3 to create the copper mountain and 'under the hill' larder and store that could be used as the core component of an exhibition, workshop, talks, and catering programme and to which new works could be added and evolved. Further to the HoF Laure Provoust's Wantee Table was made at Grizedale for exhibition initially at CASS and then as part of the presentation at Borough Market for the Science Gallery. Under the same conditions Bedwyr Williams created 'Bedwyr' a pickle jar based on the idea of his own pickled head. Several other works have since been added and the entire project has been formative in the development of a community catering company called The Village Table.