Grizedale Arts

Heaven's Kitchen


Grizedale Arts in collaboration with St. Andrew's church in Coniston organised a local Harvest Festival in 2010. Villagers donated home produce and with a team of volunteers we made a number of dishes for a Harvest Festival Supper held in the school. What was left was packaged up into individual meals (about 150) that could be frozen and these were given to the church to be donated to those that needed them. Most of recipes from this event are available for download in our new Lawson Park electronic recipe book. The table for the supper was beautifully laid and music was by The Sons of Birds (Glenn Boulter and Adam Sutherland), an unusual mix of Ambient and Gospel. Local design talent George McClure designed a logo which was used on the posters and packaging and also transferred onto the plates we used during the meal.

The Harvest Festival Supper is now an annual event taking place in the Reading Room at Coniston Institute. In 2014, as part of The Nuisance of Landscape show, Grizedale Arts worked with Kendal Parish Church to create another Heaven's Kitchen, Harvest Festival Supper and over 150 freezer meals for the Kendal community.


Project Manager