Grizedale Arts


01/06/2009 until 0000

GTV is a showcase for all Grizedale Arts' broadcasting activity.

In June 2009 we broadcast a performance by German artist Jonathan Meese from Vittoriale Degli Italiani (D'Annunzio's home) and now launch curator Robert Eikmeyer's accompanying performance text 'Hitler on Stage: The Dictatorship of Art as Total Re-enactment' (22 mins) and 

'Let's Talk About Meese' (5 mins, featured right), a group discussion between Robert, GA's Alistair Hudson, University of Lancaster's Charlie Gere and John Byrne of John Moores University.

The current programming is centred on a three-part action research project in collaboration with John Moores University (Liverpool) and funded by the MANET consortium of media arts organisations.

GTV also provides these links to a wide range of live and archive broadcast projects:

Jonathan Meese's Gralsbaby d'Annunzio, 2009

Grizedale Arts: Straight to Video - exhibition of video on Tank TV, 2008

Coniston Water Festival's own radio station, Brick FM, 2005

Toadball TV (nee, a multiple strand project to create online TV content. Initially started as a commission by the A Foundation and latterly an exhibited manifestation for the Royal Academy of Art's GSK Contemporary Season, 2008 - 2009

Children of Grizedale, our own YouTube channel

Egremont FM, a temporary community radio station, 2006


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