Grizedale Arts

After Dinner Shu Fa at Cricket Pavilion


Grizedale Arts have begun working with the local Coniston cricket club to redesign the pavilion on their grounds. The incredibly beautiful grounds, situated at the dramatic foot of the fells, have only a series of small sheds acting as pavilion. So as a part of the ongoing design work, Grizedale invited the Yangjiang group to attempt a trial redesign. 

Yangjiang Group is a chinese collection of artists founded in 2002 by Zheng Guogu, Chen Zaiyan and Sun Qinglin, who use constructed installations of semi public/private spaces with activities and workshops on traditional techniques such as calligraphy, to redress ancient chinese philosophical concerns, with a rebellious, contemporary approach to the traditional status of calligraphy and philosophy.  

Yangjiang Group designed and built a large-scale open topped colosseum-like performative construction based on the Chinese tea pavilion shape, with the tongue twister title of After Dinner Shu Fa at Cricket Pavilion (Shu Fa being the traditional chinese practice of calligraphy.) People are invited to use the ten metre square, four metre high wood and plastic pavilion with raised first floor viewing area, to participate and watch various performances of calligraphy, cooking and dining.

This trail run design of the new pavilion, although perhaps not best suited for use in the frequently rain soaked site of the Coniston cricket club, has featured in an exhibition at Eastside Projects in Birmingham. The building is also due to be exhibited as part of the coming Frieze Art Fair in October, with more performance activities and food sales around the auditorium.