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Shun of Grizedale - Itty Bitty Edition - January 2013

There is a certain pleasure in everyone being snowed out. Now is the season to raise funds and have people to stay. In the frosty dawn of the New Year we await the results of our funding applications and the hoped for money for new posts and residencies, internships and commissions.

January and February seem to have become the months when other arts organisations come to stay to examine themselves (checking for tics? - Ed.), as we look forward to NVA, Liverpool Biennial, Jerwood, LAT and MIMA dropping in and not forgetting the Tate Patrons. (Surely no tics on them - Ed.)

Coniston Cricket Club Pavilion - Launch of Architects' Brief

The brief for the new pavilion will be launched in mid February on We are looking for proposals from architects, designers or artists or combinations of. The building needs to be practical but also dynamic in the village, leading the way in terms of design, environmental impact and imaginative multi use. The commission is for the building but can include ideas for cultural applications. The whole shooting match needs to look good - in this case it matters.

The first stab at this, by the Yangjiang Group (which you may have seen at Frieze Art Fair or Eastside Projects), forgot about having a roof (Not so handy in the Lake District - Ed.) So we are looking for something useful...

Don%27t+bowl+an+architectural+%27dibbly+dobbly%27 Don't bowl an architectural 'dibbly dobbly'

Now I Gotta Reason to undertake a post-modern post-mortem

Our exhibition project at the Jerwood Space in the London turned out to be a curio, seemingly operating in two parallel universes. Our view of it as a warts and all exposition of the actual state of play in socially leaning contemporary practice (SLCP) was offset by ecstatic cries of ‘landmark show’ and ‘will go down in art history’ – an exposition itself of the all pervasive state of LCP (Leaning Contemporary Practice). Given the whole project was designed to look at the value of work, it was perhaps no surprise that one of the most astute contributions came in the form of an essay by artist-writer Michael Davis - a Grizedale intern who first came to us through a get a job scheme. You can read his eloquent and moving dialogue on the incapacity of the artist here.

Are+they+working%3F Are they working?

The Schwittas Empire

Schwitters in Britain, Tate Britain 30 January - 12 May 2013

There is an exhibition about Kurt Schwitters in Britain opening at Tate Brtiain in Britain. Grizedale Arts have been working with Laure Prouvost and Adam Chodzko and Tate to make the last room of the show. Kurt Schwitters was a German artist who was shaped in the ferment of modernism between the two world wars. He had ambitions to be a Dadaist but they thought he was too much of a soppy Romantic. So whilst the Dada boys did a runner from the Nazis to party on 5th Avenue hanging with Penny Guggenheim, Kurt ended up in the Lake District in a cold, wet barn; poor and making a new idea called collage (which wasn’t especially popular in Ambleside), painting portraits for food and doing sneeze poetry in the local pub. He didn’t last long - he died here in the graveyard of ambition (he won the leek section of the flower show – I’ve been here 12 and have only won the courgette section - Ed). His plight is a symbol for the way we like to think about artists. But he’s not popular in a household name way. This show will build his stock up a bit and the wider public will get to know him and have feelings about his predicament and warm to him (that seems unlikely - they should put more emphasis on his advertising company - he had the Balhsen biscuit account. Ed.) .

NB: Grizedale is pleased to announce that Peter Hodgson will be having a mini retrospective in Laure Prouvost's installation in Kurt Schwitters exhibition in the Tate Britain.

Kurt+Schwitters Kurt Schwitters

The New Mechanics Library

The New Mechanics Library is open for business. Occupying the more academic end of the Grizedale wedge (the academic wedge! Ed.). The giveaway is that it says things like this on the home page:

"The New Mechanics Library is a growing online library of texts, ebooks and links that forms a hub for sharing information around the idea of reinstating usage as a central value of art. The project has been initiated by Grizedale Arts in partnership with the Internationale group of museums, John Moores University Liverpool, the University of Hildesheim and the Victoria and Albert Museum as part of a long term project called The Uses of Art: The Legacy of 1848 and 1984. This five-year programme of activity is conceived to establish effective civic functions for art and art museums in an age of Western de-development, in relation to the coefficients of European development, symbolized by the years 1848 and 1984." (It doesn't mention double ontology here but I am sure it comes up PDQ Ed.)

It features original commissioned texts by Mary Jane Jacob and Tom McDonaugh, with more high flying academic wedges to follow - all part of our campaign to make art more useful (will that really help? Ed.).

Mechanics+Instutute+Library+2.0 Mechanics Instutute Library 2.0

FINAL CALL: The Museum of Useful Art

We are delighted and thrilled (has the season of goodwill has gone to your head? - Ed.) to be working with the Van Abbemuseum and Tania Bruguera as members of the Advisory Board for the Museum of Art Util. The open call for submissions is now on and the deadline is February 15. Go to the Useful Art Association website here for details and submission forms to nominate works of art or art like projects that do something of general use and have a proven track record of working. Actually working.

Ian+Whiteoak+paints+the+AAU+logo+to+start+the+revolution. Ian Whiteoak paints the AAU logo to start the revolution.

New Sheds, Kitchens, Collections and Commissions, Its and Bits

Peter Hodgson’s monumental endeavour to cover a 3 x 4 metre wall with Delft style tiles progresses well. Not content with the shattered remains of Laure Prouvost's mud covered shed, we have started the construction of a new workshop made from the materials used in the Jerwood exhibition - hope that doesn't affect the work bit of it.

Works going on at Lawson Park - to improve or indeed finish the building – include the lift screen finally being installed by Sam Clarke - Coniston's top joiner, Sam is also developing some new furniture for the Summer Shop at the Institute. A new cold store and Ruskin window (a popular model for the discerning gentle person - a conservatory window that exposes you to the full visual force of nature - there is a tendency to suffer mental collapse from the experience) is being run past planning - hoping for a spring install. The long awaited fireplace has finally been installed as well as the collection display wall. New works including three wall papers from D J Simpson, Carole Romaya, Hydar Dewachi and the massed South Lakes Brownies have also been hung (Brown Owl doesn't like any of them. Ed.) The Collection recently purchased Harvey Wilkinson's Ruskin Lamp - Harvey is becoming very well represented in the collections.

The+Dream+with+added+Ruskin+Madness+Turret+ The Dream with added Ruskin Madness Turret


14 - 16 February ARCO Art Fair - ARCO Foundation Room Pavilion 8

There’s nothing better to get the juices going on the re-assessment of the relations between city and countryside as well as the study and development of new contexts and functions for Contemporary Art than a discursive clusterfeek and nowhere is more discursive than Spain (stop discussing this no one gives a flying wedgie - Ed.). So we are thrilled and delighted (again) to be asked to participate in the forthcoming Inland Station at ARCO International Contemporary Art Fair, Madrid. At 1230 to 1400 hrs on the 14th GA's Alistair Hudson will be sharing a round table with Laura Raicovich (Creative Time NY), Antje Schiffers (artist), Vasif Kortun (curator, SALT Istanbul), Can Altay (artist), Joao Fernandez (Reina Sofia Museum), and Fernando García Dory (artist). (Flying academic wedges! that sounds hot. Ed.)

Off+to+market+again... Off to market again...

Let’s Set Sail to Nida

Residency opportunities available on the longest spit in Europe - the subject of the hit Lithuanian musical "Hey Bob, Lets Sail to Nida' .

Nida Art Colony is happy to announce a call for applications for artists working on techno-ecologies and critical tourism topics. We have grants for Baltic-Nordic, European and Swiss artists.

All are welcome to apply for residencies on the ‘Chesil Beach of the Baltic’ for March-December period in 2013 - deadline for residency applications is February 15, 2013 – for more info go here

Nida+residency+here%3F Nida residency here?

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