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Song of Grizedale: ‘tis the Season to be Useful: November 2012 Edition

Well that worked out all right in the end. After all our anxieties about walking the finest line between cool knowingness and getting it oh so wrong and looking like a regional public art organisation; after breaking all the rules we were set: don’t make any noise, don’t make any smells, don’t offend, don’t annoy the neighbours (so delicious, smell free, noise free, inoffensive eating - Ed.); our Frieze project seemed to go down alright - even Alan Kane declared a certain fondness for it (apparently a first for him about anything - Ed.). Mind you, make a mess in a tidy place and you are going to look good, laws of physics, turd in a swimming pool and all that. Onward to the next and the next with our ever-escalating programme of social and creative utility or as one neighbourhood artful mind pointed out – 'clearly making far too much effort'.

Big Log: The Colosseum has been Consumed and Digested

Frieze Art Fair Projects: The Coloseum of the Consumed

The photos are online, the money’s been counted (even Coniston Youth Club took over a grand), the media has frenzied, the giant 280kg Mortadella sausage is near but all eaten. We would like to thank all our contributors for making it so good: the Yangjiang Group, william pope.L, Bedwyr Williams, Simon Rogan, juneau/projects/, all the ginger curators, Margot Henderson, Sam Clark, Nicholas Party, Alistair Frost, Peter Liversidge, Kerry Stewart, X-PO, My Villages, Fernando Garcia Dory, Homeshop Beijing, Karen Guthrie, Eastside Projects, Coniston Youth Club, Ruth Hoflich, An Endless Supply, Tim Marlow (Tim Marlow!!), Vitamin Creative Space, all the Frieze Art fair crew, our dedicated team of helpers, Michael Ballack, Usher and Gavin Wade (were they together? – Ed.) Oh and Sarah McCrory, now passing us on a Virgin Train somewhere near Shap on her way to start a new life in Glasgow. Good luck Sarah. (No, like ‘good luck’ really, not like ‘good luck with that' good luck – Ed.)

Now I Gotta Reason

Jerwood Space, London: November 7 - December 9

Having a warm feeling of righteousness and renewed ambition in our assorted viscera, we have now descended on Jerwood Space in London, working with Marcus Coates to curate a project that it trying to redefine how a gallery might work and to get the participating artists to do things that might actually be useful or valued, and even paid for, by members of the public. Why exactly would you go into the gallery and to what end? We are trying desperately to avoid the post-idea slump of inward art chat and the involuntary twitch of arranging things in a white space, so come by, do something useful. A communal lunch is served everyday at 1.00pm, which also acts as a pitching forum. Look at the website and see if it makes sense. You know what we mean; you just have to admit it first.

Are+they+working%3F Are they working?

Deck the Halls: Christmas Lights Turn On and Christmas Fair

Coniston Institute: December 15 - 22

The Trafford Centre beat us to it with regards to getting hot boy bands to turn on their Christmas decorations so we are in the market for any lukewarm boy bands or celebrities in the Coniston area on December 7th. Steve Coogan and TV starchitect George Clarke: we know where your caravans are. The Coniston Christmas Farmers Market and International Art Fair will run from the 15th until the 22nd of December in the main hall of the Coniston Institute. The ideal place to do all your Christmas shopping under one roof. All the usual specialities include the ever popular individual knitted Ferrero Roche covers and slightly less arcane things from Ryan Gander (not those cups again Ed.) and the usual roster of blue chip galleries (but who is switching the big switch then? - Ed.). Don't forget the unique luncheon experience of things verminous and succulent.

It’ll be a Cold, Cold Christmas Without You

Bookings now being taken for the festive season at Low Parkamoor our 17th Century off-grid eco-escape almost-holiday cottage. If you fancy getting away from it all, and we mean all, this Christmas email our bookings department here. Special discounts for artists are given, though we can’t promise you’ll get much painting done. Special activities include huddling round the fire, keeping the fire going and advanced huddling round the fire. Which is surprisingly rewarding (how so? Ed.).

If I Had a Hammer: Artists that are Tools

We had a recent visit here from useful artist Tania Bruguera who is working on a Museum of Useful Art for the Van Abbe Museum in October next year, part of the project The Uses of Art: the Legacy of 1848 and 1989 we have been developing with the Internationale group of European museums. We spent the weekend with Nick Aikens, a ginger curator of the Van Abbe, refining the criteria of Useful Art or Art Util as she prefers to call it. Whilst here we hooked her up with the Fernando Garcia Dory, awarded last month with $25,000 and the gong for The Leonore Annenberg Prize for Art and Social Change at the Creative Time Summit in New York. Fernando and Tania only ever communicate via Skype, the preferred medium of purposeful artists. Here you see them head to head in a feed back loop of social engagement. Fernando is currently working in London on Now I Gotta Reason, go use him and use him up, whilst Tania will be offering her services as a fortune teller this Sunday 18th at Now I Gotta Reason. If you would like to book an appointment please go to the website for booking details.

Tania+and+Fernando+table+talk Tania and Fernando table talk

Brass in Pocket

Incidentally Fernando Dory Garcia is so active in social change he still hasn’t cashed his cheque from New York, see image. The sharp eyed will notice that it is actually for $25,100. The extra $100 dollars was for a taxi, some cigarette papers and some Dairylea Triangles.

I think I missed again, oh

Incidentally our Director has been carrying around a card for Ben Sadler’s new baby Hazel for weeks now. Sorry Ben, and congratulations. It’s at the Jerwood Space if you need it. Come along, you could start a crèche, that’d be useful.

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