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Tuesday 24 June '08
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All lined up for the off

Peter Inman's animal planters await TNT for their trip to the 'Far West' exhibition at Arnofini in Bristol.

Along side many other 'products' from the Japan and China projects as well as products from the honesty stall network, there will be a stall running the duration of the programme, so if your in Bristol and have a sudden and urgent need for a dog planter, mare's milk, a bone comb or some wild Chinese mountain honey in an old coke bottle you will find all your needs quickly met at the Arnofini art gallery, and it's not often you can say that.
Works and collaborations from:
Myvillages, Pope and Guthrie, Seven Samurai, Happy Stacking 7, Public Works, Peter Hodgson, Peter Inman and many others

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Wednesday 15 August '07
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Creative Egremont progress......

The Folk Float in progress

Two of the the projects that GA staff Alistair Hudson and Karen Guthrie have been working on in the West Cumbrian town of Egremont, are on the up:
One is a RIBA competition to design a celebration / performance structure to fit inside the Norman keep of Egremont Castle. The castle is one of the town's hidden gems, used as a backdrop for local wedding photos and as a place to drink in for the local kids, so this is an opportunity to site something useful but also experimental and fun - in a unique historic spot.

The second is the Folk Float, a kind of live museum on wheels designed by public works - a customised milk float which tours about picking up new exhibits from local people. The Float fabrication is nearly finished, and we are planning to show up at numerous country shows in Cumbria throughout September.....

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