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Spend a happy hour each Friday before you hit the weekend. Listen online to whoever is in our office talking all things Grizedale. Regular topics will include Dr Dolittle talks to the Artists, The Curing of Pork, Strange but Local, In Today's Trug, Cultural Collision of the Week, What a Difference a Day Makes and many more.

Friday 23 May '08
(from Farmyard Radio)

China on my Mind

Our studio guest rocks out in the 90's, check the trousers

Alistair returns with a fullish report on our Happy Stacking project's success in China, call in and win a dried mushroom.
Also in the yard Mark Guthrie ex of Britpopsters the Supernaturals DJ's the sounds of the farm...

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Friday 2 May '08
(from Farmyard Radio)

From China With Love

Backdoor bees

Farmyard Radio sadly failed to transmit from a distant yard this week - the beautiful farms of Nanlin, Gwandong province of southern China where director Adam is shepherding artists for the 'Happy Stacking' project.
The great Fire Wall of China got in the way Dorian suspects...

See the Happy Stacking project website to see what we're up to uncensored.

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Friday 18 April '08
(from Farmyard Radio)

Controversy, bring it on

Adam, Alistair and Lisa talk about the unseasonably cold weather, how the pick up lost its wheel and what it is like to hitch hike in the Lake District. Other hot topics will include the progress of the drilling crew and other building works. Delicate issues like why the A Foundation wont pay up and why the Chinese Embassy has declined Adam's visa application will be skirted round.

Adam has a hissy EMO fit at the beginning, so just run it forward a couple of minutes.....

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