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Spend a happy hour each Friday before you hit the weekend. Listen online to whoever is in our office talking all things Grizedale. Regular topics will include Dr Dolittle talks to the Artists, The Curing of Pork, Strange but Local, In Today's Trug, Cultural Collision of the Week, What a Difference a Day Makes and many more.

Friday 5 September '08
(from Farmyard Radio)

Back from summer

Alistair and Adam reminisce about the 'summer' including Alistair's adventures at Creamfields....

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Saturday 3 May '08
(from Farmyard Radio)

Friday May 9th: Designs on You

Adam, Karen and Lisa tried and failed to bring you a surprise outside broadcast from a glamourous mystery location in London town. They're there trying to choose nice things to style and furnish Lawson Park with, so will be addressing burning issues such as
"Swags - too 2006, or worthy of reinvention?"
"The return of the coloured bathroom suite - should we start the trend?"

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Friday 25 April '08
(from Farmyard Radio)


We'll be taking a break from the mike today as everyone's at a GA Board meeting and you wouldn't want us to broadcast that.
On the plus side the arrival of a new mixer and mikes means you'll notice a massive audio quality upswing next week though of course the content will remain just as bad.
A bientot!

Friday 11 April '08
(from Farmyard Radio)

Fungi will save the world

Adam, Alistair and US visitor Cory Kromm (he's an architect) and Craig Sturrock (he's a soil specialist) talk about Architecture, Golf and Fungi as the saviour of the world - thats fungi not golf or architecture.

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Friday 4 April '08
(from Farmyard Radio)

Double act

Adam and Alistair just talking for an hour, no guests, jeez.

Local gossip, what's in the Westmoreland Gazette, Cumbrian racism, Coniston and Grayson Perry, shut local Post Offices,

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Friday 28 March '08
(from Farmyard Radio)

Friday 29th March

Adam and Lisa talking about the Collection, the building and stuff

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Friday 14 March '08
(from Farmyard Radio)

March hare

We hear an incredible 'celebrities in the Lake District' tale; some farm-themed soul music including Don Covay & Bobby Rush and Adam's eBay auction of the week.

We discuss what James Herd, James Howson and Thomas Kirkbride - the three most energetic men in the Lake District - are on site at Lawson Park building...

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Friday 7 March '08
(from Farmyard Radio)

Tate Mate

Alistair tells us about a recent meeting with art uberlords the Tate to discuss the upcoming Grizedale project in China, plus a talk he'd done north of the border.

Adam fills us in on developments to do a project at the 10th anniversary Creamfields festival this summer. Well, I guess we have mud in common. Rave on!

Friday 29 February '08
(from Farmyard Radio)

Radio Budapest

As guests of curatorial / critic duo Maja and Reuben Fowkes Translocal, Karen Guthrie & Adam Sutherland visit Budapest in Hungary.
Adam's talk as part of their symposium 'Sustainability and Contemporary Art: Exit or Activism?' on Grizedale Arts' work forms today's webcast.

Friday 22 February '08
(from Farmyard Radio)

Just us chickens

Deputy Director Master Hudson talks about Creative Egremont quite a lot - the Greasy Pole, the Community Orchard etc. Adam outlines his plans for world domination by running as a Coniston Parish Councillor soon.

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