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Spend a happy hour each Friday before you hit the weekend. Listen online to whoever is in our office talking all things Grizedale. Regular topics will include Dr Dolittle talks to the Artists, The Curing of Pork, Strange but Local, In Today's Trug, Cultural Collision of the Week, What a Difference a Day Makes and many more.

Friday 28 November '08
(from Farmyard Radio)

Guestroom library proposal - CANCELLED due to unforeseen circumstances

somthing like this

Guestroom present their proposals for the Lawson Park and Coniston libraries - live. This really is them presenting their plans and ideas so may not be very radio orientated, more of a fly on the wall broadcast. 

Sad to say this weeks broadcast has been cancelled, could say it was due to heavy snow, but sadly rather more mundane reasons keep us from you - the train is late. 

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Wednesday 19 November '08
(from Farmyard Radio)

Peter Hodgson in the Yard - 21st November

Village Kiosk films featuring Peter Hodgson

Farmyard radio is delighted to be welcoming Peter Hodgson talking about his life and works. Peter is a leather worker and artist based in Ambleside, his work has been the cornerstone of the Honesty stall and is currently represented at the myvillages village kiosk at the GSK season at the Royal Academy

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Friday 14 November '08
(from Farmyard Radio)

Madam Alone

It's my shack

Adam on his own in the office, in a week of increasing building problems. It promises a lengthy blues moan over a disco soundtrack about buildings - actually that sounds fine

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Friday 7 November '08
(from Farmyard Radio)

Back to bark

The usual team back in the yard for a change, plenty to talk about even if most of it is off record so to speak, just between the 2 of us - web radio - where that can really be true.

Appropro (spelling debate in the office) of nothing, well i ve just been looking at it, check this blog for farmyard chic

Friday 3 October '08
(from Farmyard Radio)

Dans le cour de la ferme

Farmyard radio goes French with a visit from La Drome and a group redeveloping a 1930's utopian community in the France profond.

Thursday 19 June '08
(from Farmyard Radio)

The rains came

Friday 20th June in the Yard, visits from artists Nina Pope, Stuart Bastik of Artgene, discussion likely to cover 'Song For a Circus' and Stuart's shack project in Barrow.

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Friday 13 June '08
(from Farmyard Radio)

Power back on in the nick of time

Improve my view for £15,000

Friday 13th, the heatwave continues, the power comes back just in time and Alistair flys in from Egremont in the very nick. Reports on Guestroom at the ICA, What Michaela RSA Crimon said, and Adam's holiday and the Folkstone Tirennale,

Friday 13 June '08
(from Farmyard Radio)

Radio from a PC Friday 6th June

On the beach

this proved too much of a strain on the Grizedale tec, hope to be back next week when the mac returns from its holiday in France

Friday 23 May '08
(from Farmyard Radio)

China on my Mind

Our studio guest rocks out in the 90's, check the trousers

Alistair returns with a fullish report on our Happy Stacking project's success in China, call in and win a dried mushroom.
Also in the yard Mark Guthrie ex of Britpopsters the Supernaturals DJ's the sounds of the farm...

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Friday 16 May '08
(from Farmyard Radio)

Merz FM

Direct from the Langdale Hotel, it's a Kurt Schwitters special with Ian Hunter of Littoral and the Slade MA students from UCL currently working on the Cylinders site in the Langdale Valley (where the London bombers allegedly trained), once home to Schwitters' famous Merz Barn which Littoral et al saving from ruin.
Also updates on why we couldn't broadcast the last two weeks and reports on China and Grand Designs exhibitions...
And new microphones, so you can actually hear us.

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