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Monday 23 January '12
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Field of Dreams

Wolmsley Cricket Pavilion - for real

A recent dinner in Norwich with my favourite nature guru Richard Mabey brought to my attention a utopian cricket ground that could influence our own endeavours to revision the home of cricket in our local village of Coniston: Sir Paul Getty's 'cottage ornee' cricket pavilion set in the heart of the woods of the Chilterns (that's the bit soon to be changed by high-speed rail).

We won't quite have Getty's budget but we may well have his gumption.

Friday 11 November '11
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"It may be winter outside, but in my heart it's spring"

...As the rain lashes the window on a Friday night, I find myself wondering if Barry White was much of a gardener?

Anyhoo, I'm posting to remind you that the Grizedale garden at Lawson Park opens next year to you - the public - for charidee (the National Garden Scheme, it's prestigious don't you know).

The big cakes and all date is SUNDAY SEPT. 2ND 2012 - save the date now and order your waterproofs.

But you can also contact me if you're in the area another time and if I'm around you'll be most welcome.

Thursday 19 May '11
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RIBA prize!

We're totally thrilled to announce that Grizedale Arts HQ Lawson Park has won one of the region's prestigious Royal institute of British Architects awards!

Congratulations to us, everyone who worked on the building and of course to Sutherland Hussey architects for their inspirational design.

Here's a short film starring the Sutherlands that we made a few years ago shortly after the building relaunch...

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Monday 9 May '11
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Wedding Bells for Ben

Ben (the guy in the white T) and stags

Ben Sadler, aka one bit of Juneau projects, survived a recent stag night at Parkamoor with his mates, before getting married to the lovely Katy. We fed them a sunny brunch to see them on their way back home to Brum after whatever stags do in an offgrid house up a hill....

Congratulations to them both from all of us at Grizedale Arts...

Saturday 23 April '11
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We Wish You a Cheesy Easter

Cheese from Fernando's workshops

Spanish artist Fernando Garcia Dory has been wowing us with his Cheese Masterclasses held this week in Coniston and Broughton-in-Furness.

Monday 14 March '11
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New pictures on the walls

Did you know we update our online galleries regularly?
Here are some nice new ones of Egremont and the Seven Samurai projects. 

Sunday 5 December '10
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The patter of tiny programming fingers

Big congrats to our web guru and friend Dorian Moore and his wife Angie on the birth of a daughter Amiya!

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Thursday 12 August '10
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Sandwich my Compliment

Our boys Juneau Projects have put our Eastside Projects (Birmingham) Decent Proposal The Musical online here for you audio fans. Karen's microphone's a bit indistinct but it's all good fun. Also features Bedwyr Williams....

Monday 19 July '10
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Bronstein's column comes down...

Spanish artist Fernando Garcia Dory assists Adam

Pablo Bronstein's chicken coop column enjoyed a day up for the NGS Open Garden...

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Saturday 22 May '10
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Manager post @ Florence Centre, Egremont

A great job has come up, originating in our 'Creative Egremont' project a few years back - managing the new arts programme at the Florence Centre in the former mining buildings of Egremont.

See job details here - deadline Friday 11th June

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