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Saturday 22 May '10
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Manager post @ Florence Centre, Egremont

A great job has come up, originating in our 'Creative Egremont' project a few years back - managing the new arts programme at the Florence Centre in the former mining buildings of Egremont.

See job details here - deadline Friday 11th June

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Friday 14 May '10
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Out of the Furness and into the Hothouse

An open evening of creative experiment - like a salon thing, you know, hang around, chat, laugh at people.

Come along, take part. If you would like to present your work or do something interesting

call Andrew Deakin on 01229 581127

Monday 17 May 7.30 - 10.30 pm

Lanternhouse The Ellers, Ulverston

Free, Free, Free

Already definitely happening - more to come

Live experimental sounds by the Octopus collective and a Gramaphone performance by Naomi Kashiwagi

'One Word for Ulverson' - pottery workshop with Adam Sutherland

Films by Damon Packard, Olivia Plender and Ken Russell, Marcus Coates, Jordan Baseman,

Olaf Breuning and Nathaniel Mellors presented by raconteur Alistair Hudson

Bumper stickers, sun strips and decals workshop with Maria Benjamin - something you want to say

about politics, love or religion in coloured vinyl on your car, make it here and now

'Picturesque Pleasantry to Environmental Fury' a lecture by Howard Hull, Director of Brantwood

'Filthy Foreign Food' by Karen Guthrie

Drinks by Lanternhouse

Saturday 8 May '10
(from Grizedale Arts Blog)

Picken on my Chicken

Larry Birdsong's Picken on my Chicken

One of the hens is taking a battering, she used to be the Queen, then she went broody and now she's looking to be on the way out. I've moved her to the fruit cage but will I ever to able to reintroduce her. Check out the funky R&B soundfile for good advice. I find 60's soul has the answer for most major problems.

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