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Tuesday 13 April '10
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Grizedale finally does Face book

Maria opened a face book page for us, after years of resisting, finding it a bit unnerving for some reason,the visibility of all the connections is a bit scary, too much information, one's whole past at the finger tips. I know everyone else is totally used to it all.

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Tuesday 13 April '10
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Craft Rally

I am talking at this event next week, all about crafts and the re visiting of the political ambitions of crafts, at least I think thats the gist of it, doing the coefficients dinner in the evening just to make it a bit more full on.


Friday 9 April '10
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Fairweather Gardener

Michael Bentines Potting Time.

As I seem to have spent most of 2010 buried in a laptop writing funding applications, proposals, pontificating and prose (oh and galavanting off to summery Brazil), all that Ruskin talk made me make some time for garden time today. Not quite green gym, but at least sewn three trays of Pak Choi, Guy Lan and Choi Sum, all courtesy of the Manchester Chinese Allotment Ladies via the Mother in Law. If those babies take we're in for some sweet mother veg this year. Oh Christ, look I'm at the laptop again.

Friday 9 April '10
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Lucy Livingstone and Sarah Cook paint eggs!

Edward Bailey, Lucy Livingstone and Lucy MacDonald have started work on the internship programme. Lucy L and Ed have been focused on working outside getting the garden underway, with Lucy working on the honesty stall grappling with the vaguries of voluntary payments. She has made lots of cakes, on one day people left money for them on another not!

Lucy MacDonald will be working on the collection so expect to see lots more entries on the Lawson Park collection site shortly.

We will shortly be announcing the residencies and commissions, its been taking a while to get everything in place.

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