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Tuesday 14 December '10
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The smell of success - horrid

The Coniston Institute farmers market and art fair

I hate it when our projects are successful - The Coniston and Torver Farmers Market and Art Fair was so. A blend of art aesthetic and farm produce and a bunch of stuff between. Over 400 people enjoyed the collision and just over £700 was raised for the village hall restoration fund from a turnover of just over £2,000 - which is pretty good for a small village at a very quiet time of year.

There were a few complaints that it wasn't a proper Farmers Market, but then no one seemed to sure what a proper farmers market was - although there was a consensus that it should involve burgers rather than scallop and saffron mousse.

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Sunday 5 December '10
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The patter of tiny programming fingers

Big congrats to our web guru and friend Dorian Moore and his wife Angie on the birth of a daughter Amiya!

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Thursday 2 December '10
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The Re-Coefficients Dining Club films

Adam Sutherland serving one of the five courses of soup

The Coefficients Dining Club was established in 1902 as a forum for the meeting of social reformers. On the 23rd April 2010, at the Millennium Galleries in Sheffield, we used this format to bring together six new and divergent voices to give speeches on cultural and social reform.

Over a five course meal of five different soups over 100 hundred diners listened to speeches by John Atkinson (farmer), Inderjit Bohjal (minister), John Byrne (academic), Cristina Cerulli (architect), John Ruskin (educator) and Alexandre Singh (artist). Click here for more.

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