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Monday 19 October '09
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Does Public Art Need Outsiders?

Does Public Art Need to be Outside?

This was the title of a conference held at Lawson Park on October 7 by Situations Bristol and IXIA (a public art think tank mind gym) when we tested the new building to the max, crowbarring 40 guests and speakers into the space with the odd stroll outside to breathe in some air in between the exhalation of much art theory. Speakers included Paul Domela, Jeanne Van Heeswijk, Karlheinz Kopf, Andreas Lang and our good selves, all bundled up a packaged by Paul O'Neill.

Someone even said Lawson Park was 'the best seminar venue I have ever been too'.

If you are interested in the findings of the conference the answer was "sometimes, sometimes not, maybe".

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Monday 12 October '09
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Return of The Greasy Pole

Conquering the New Pole

Saturday 19 September 2009 1120hrs: Adam Kane becomes the first winner of The Greasy Pole competition since its re-introduction to Egremont's annual Crab Fair as permanent work of art/heritage artifact/sporting apparatus by artists Jeremy Deller and Alan Kane. Adam actually conquered the Pole twice, being the first up to retrieve one of the six ribbons from 30ft above and then some 10 minutes later to snatch the shortest ribbon to claim the coveted prize of £2 and a leg of lamb from Wilson's butchers. That's Wilson's butchers. The ease at which the young urchinesque Egremonthian shot up the new Carbon Fibre Nike Greasy Pole Pro suggested we should baste more WD40 on next year, although most barely managed to lift their feet from the floor.

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Saturday 3 October '09
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Eastside Gallery

it's a symbol

Here's an image of the skeletal house/garden/kitchen advertising for rules that work fro communal living, any suggestions send them to or to Grizedale

On the evening of 8th October Grizedale will take part in a comedy night at Eastside - alongside juneau/projects and Bedwyr Williams (who they) and will be accepting applications for residencies, these will be read out and lampooned, all in the name of cheap laughs. Send your proposals to or to Gavin at the above. We really are looking for residencies and this is as likely a way as any to find the right people for the special conditions.

Eastside will I believe be showing the comedy classic 'Starry Starry Night' featuring Van Gogh back to life entirly unreconstructed and hanging out in LA - if you havent seen it it's a must see before you make another art work.

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