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Wednesday 25 June '08
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Skeps not skips

For a change from building work I dropped in on the Furness bee keepers skep making workshop and a found a farm kitchen strewn with straw and weaving enthusiasts, a medieval scene. For Lawson Park we are planning to use this material to back the window seats but of course it is harder to find someone to to it - mostly being used in Orkney and the Orkney weavers being unwilling to come so far south. So.... it doesn't look so hard, unless this was a particularly talented group with a special affinity for straw. This great example illustrated on the right is made with orange plastic baler twine, now that could be nice.

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Tuesday 24 June '08
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All lined up for the off

Peter Inman's animal planters await TNT for their trip to the 'Far West' exhibition at Arnofini in Bristol.

Along side many other 'products' from the Japan and China projects as well as products from the honesty stall network, there will be a stall running the duration of the programme, so if your in Bristol and have a sudden and urgent need for a dog planter, mare's milk, a bone comb or some wild Chinese mountain honey in an old coke bottle you will find all your needs quickly met at the Arnofini art gallery, and it's not often you can say that.
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