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Thursday 27 March '08
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Ruskin me up another one would you

The over zealous apprentice was apparently killed for overdoing it with this column and is buried under it

When Ruskin was in charge of the Oxford museum, he, following his own doctrine that the architect should have practical skills - insisted on building one of the columns himself. It was later rebuilt by the builder. I feel a column coming on.

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Wednesday 19 March '08
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Building work in Narnia

Building work in Narnia

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Wednesday 19 March '08
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Bufo Bufo (the Toad) Spring ball

Now is the time of year for all good toads to go to the ball - this somehow reminds me of some art thing, maybe a good title for the extended Agrifash project, now planned to roll out across Europe

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Thursday 13 March '08
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A typical Lake District-visiting couple

Great local story I heard this week. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were hanging around at the boating centre on Coniston Water and after tea at the truly average Blue Bird cafe (this is sooo hard to believe) Tom hopped up to the hut they rent boats from to ask if they could privately hire the Gondola (a big grand boat) for dinner on the lake.

David (he who told me the story) phoned the National Trust (who own the Gondola) and they just flat went 'no'. David was a bit like, 'are you kidding, do you know who I've got here, like mr and mrs money no problem!' but no, no private hire certainly no food on the gondola. Just as David was turning to tell Tom and Nicole to bugger off, a waitress from the cafe rushed in shouting 'you wont believe this but Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were just in the cafe' so David slightly embarrassed says 'What this Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman here?' - the waitress ignores him and runs off.

A couple of points :
Like no one thought to tell me this story years ago ?!
Tom and Nicole just casually toured the Lake District, going to shit places for tea
National Trust can't see a marketing opportunity when it's shoved hard in their face and rubbed in

BTW Apparently Nicole is much more beautiful in real life...

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Tuesday 11 March '08
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