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Wednesday 30 June '10
(from Grizedale Arts Blog)

Craft Salon at The Mechanics Institute

Adam makes pots
Charlie bends wood
Adam throws pots

We ran a Craft Salon to run alongside the Coniston Arts and Crafts Annual Exhibition held in the village hall. The salon took place in the library where we tucked away the unsightly book carousels and Romance novels and displayed instead bits of pottery, glass, metal work and books from our collection and library. We had artists, craft people, and historians talking and showing. Charlie Whinney and his demonstration of how to steam-bend wood got the biggest round of applause though Adam's history of the Arts and Crafts Movement demonstrated by the throwing of pots came a very close second.

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Wednesday 30 June '10
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Recent visitors

Tidy Architecture Students
Extra Special People

We have been busy over the last couple of weeks with a group of German Architecture students and tutors who stayed at Lawson Park and Low Parkamoor and thought about issues of land use, commons law and access rules while helping tidy our messy wood pile. The left and another group of Extra Special People from Birmingham's Eastside Projects arrived. The weekend consisted of hard toil in the fields for some, and for the others, a social couple of days at the Craft Salon at The Mechanics Institute where we organised lectures and demonstrations in the library as part of the Coniston Arts and Crafts Society Annual Exhibition.

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Thursday 24 June '10
(from Grizedale Arts Blog)

Late at Tate - You Tube can Double Dip

Yes for you folks who missed our spectacular at Tate Britain on June 4th, Jesse Rae has kindly youtubed his whole set with the Thistles and Skip Macdonald. Watch out for the Double Dip now.....

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Thursday 24 June '10
(from Grizedale Arts Blog)

Hide and Horn Online

Long time Grizedale collaborator Peter Hodgson now has his own online shop. Do pay it a visit for finely crafted luxury goods in leather, horn, wood, ceramic and a variety of pet food supplies.

Friday 18 June '10
(from Lawson Park Blog)

51 Birds at Parkamoor

Parkamoor has a busy summer ahead, just had an 83 year old lady staying for a week, the party spotted 51 species of birds in the immediate area, the top moments being Hawfinches, Redstarts, Ravens and the double whammy of a Peregrine Falcon taking a Wood Warbler right in front of them.

Next week there are 7 German architects of unknown gender

Followed by a group of 5 ESP artists from Birmingham - (Extra Sensory People)

and so on

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Thursday 17 June '10
(from Lawson Park Blog)

Some evenings are special

The silence of the World cup. not a mountain biker, a lakeside screamer, a barking dog

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Thursday 17 June '10
(from Grizedale Arts Blog)

Coniston Arts and Crafts Society Annual Exhibition

Coniston Arts and Crafts Society
Annual Arts & Crafts exhibition
The Institute, Yewdale Road, Coniston, Cumbria
Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th June
10am - 4pm

Grizedale Arts presents
'Craft Salon at the Mechanics Institute'
Presenting an interpretation of The Coniston Mechanics Institute, a village education and social centre first established in the early 19th century, an historic centre
used for the local development of the woodcarving and lace making industries initiated by John Ruskin.
Craft demonstrations, talks and discussion happening throughout the day
Demonstrations include Web Design, Stone Carving, Wood Bending, Book Binding,
Pottery, Sonic sculpture, collage, vegetable sculpture
With Further contributions and workshops from

Charlie Whinney, Peter Martin, Naomi Kashiwagi, Dorian Moore, Glen Boulter, Liz Rowe,Chris Poolman, Rebbecca Bibby.

And an on the day publication on what Craft means to you with Harry Blackett and Robin Kirkham

With talks by Dr Charlie Gere, Adam Sutherland, John Bryne, Alistair Hudson
Admission at the door by donation, refreshments available

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Thursday 3 June '10
(from Grizedale Arts Blog)

Cumbria Tragedy

Our deepest sympathies go out to all those affected by this devastating event.

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