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Tuesday 28 July '09
(from Grizedale Arts Blog)

Matt & Ross do the Penguin Donkey

Dog Elephant Castle

Matt (currently at Lawson Park) and Ross are doing a show at Elephant and Castle, it's called 'Together at the Junction', well that's the name the curators jottaCONTEMPORARY have given it. it brings together a group of artists to do stuff about the old shopping precinct in the run up to it's demolition, the once cool modernist building having fallen into 'varied' use and had the indignity of being painted pink may want to be put out of it's misery but there's a few years more to go and I suspect some further indignities to suffer.

Matt and Ross have run with the idea of the journey and the transformations that we go through in making them. They have taken the various versions of the Penguin Donkey - originally design in 1936 subsequently reworked in the 60's and further transformed more recently for Lawson Park. The artists have added further additions layering the original yet further and presented the beasts as a parade. They've also made a vast amount of Kendal Mint Cake.

Go and see/taste it at Unit 316 Lower Ground Floor, Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre 30th July to 2nd August, 12 - 6pm the opening is on Wednesday night 6 - 9pm for a more party feel

for more information try 

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Monday 27 July '09
(from Lawson Park Blog)

NGS Open Garden - Phew!

A swathe of annuals and wildflowers frames Lawson Park

A big thanks to all who braved the rain to work at or visit the charity open garden held yesterday for the National Garden Scheme - especially Julie, Meg, Matt, Sophie, Alison & Joe & family, David and Chris.

Sadly the weather had a big impact on visitor numbers compared to last year's 200-odd, but as the third launch we've done here this summer the odds were against us for three sunny days on demand.....

One of the garden's star performers was a very simple but stunning carpet of annuals flowering just 8 weeks after sowing, right outside the hostel. By popular demand, here's  a link to the Pictorial Meadows online shop, where the 'Candy' flower seed mix we used (see pic) can be bought.

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Saturday 25 July '09
(from Grizedale Arts Blog)

NGS Open Garden Day at Lawson Park - Sunday 26th July 12- 6pm

The gardens are again open under the NGS scheme, Karen's sister Alison has arrived to make her unbelievably good cakes and the masses of children are weeding the garden to death. We are also happy to have Chris Cavalier from Somewhere's What Will the Harvest Be? project at Abbey Gardens in London working with us over the weekend.

Visit the NGS website here 

NB No visitor car access to site, please walk or use our shuttle minibus from Machell's Coppice on East of Lake road.


Tuesday 14 July '09
(from Lawson Park Blog)

Sir Nick Serota launches Lawson Park

The Director of Tate pictured here with local dignitaries at our opening on July 10th.

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Saturday 4 July '09
(from Lawson Park Blog)


Adam with Eric Robson, uber-Cumbrian and broadcaster at the local launch

Friday 10th July from 1pm sees Launch No. 2 at Lawson Park with fantasy art guest Nick Serota kicking off!

Info from / RSVP to Alistair on / 015394 41050

Transport (no visitor cars on site, 'fraid) cakes, sausages, horse milk and an afterparty at the Coniston Institute - how can you say no?


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