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Thursday 31 January '08
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Monday 28 January '08
(from Farmyard Radio)

Farmyard Radio - Starts Friday Feb. 1st

Farm Yard Radio, Episode 1, 1st February 2008

We kick off this Friday 1st with a visit from Bryan & Laura Davies on their The Wonderful North roadtrip, some discussion on turning Lawson Park from drab to fab, gardening chat and advice and much much more, that's as long as we can get the microphone working....
It'll get archived here as a downloadable MP3 once we get round to it.

Friday 18 January '08
(from Grizedale Arts Blog)

Right That’s It

Kerry Stewart's Grieving Swan

We finally handed Lawson Park to the builders – Leck, a local firm who will be here for 9 months stripping and rebuilding the interiors of the house and barns. Day one coincided with torrential rain - combine rain and builders and you get knee deep mud , and the impression the building is just a pile of stones sliding down a muddy hill – which I guess it is - all its significance and meaning evaporated like it never was. It really brought a lot of memories back to me of people and dinners, events and extraordinary happenings, it was nice to be reminded and to think about how much had come from the house and the location.

Here’s a few moments that sprang to mind
6 wives of Henry the 8 reversing into the ravine
Colin Lowe and Roddy Thomson fighting and crying
Emily Wardill’s black dinner
Jesse Rae’s radio station
Olaf Breuning listening to a chainsaw artist singing a song about a cat
Damon Packard’s table manners
Juneaus burning a radio over a camp fire and the radio just kept going and going
Mark Wallinger repeatedly talking over a particularly boring dinner guest who kept mentioning Andy Goldsworthy
Karen in animated discussion flanked by Robert Woof and Ken Russell
The Japanese villagers of Toge changing into my giant checked clothes following a very wet mornings work
Gelitin partying in the meadow
Rose Lord, Adam Chodzko and Clio Barnard walking down the drive dressed as the 3 pigs
Kerry Stewart’s giant swan being mistaken for a real swan
Jon Ronson dancing hard, alone, to ELO in the barn after the Festival of Lying
Sarah Staton re-appearing in her car, hours after a dinner party ended, having been lost in the forest
Nina & Karen locked into the dining room for a week sewing elaborate Tudor costumes
Robert Woof (shortly before his death) walking slowly through the wild flower meadow to see the rare orchid

If you have any of your own please add them via the comments

Friday 18 January '08
(from Grizedale Arts Blog)

Bad Weather - Good News

The Barn Stripped bare
Raise high the greasy pole

Very pleased to say that Karen and Nina won the Northern Art Prize last night!

Photo's of the glittering event to follow

Jeremy Deller and Alan Kane's first public art work is opening in Egremont tomorrow

Photo's of the glittering event to follow

Lawson Park has been stripped to the bones

Photo's of the glitering event to follow

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