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Saturday 3 November '07
(from Grizedale Arts Blog)

Academy time

A weird night last night at the Royal Academy – a dinner for the sponsors club to generate interest in the ‘Contemporary Season’ – some discussion on a title for this with Sir Norman Rosenthal suggesting ‘Unique, Unique’ so unique they named it twice actually his suggestion was only the first bit, problem there is that contemporary art is very far from being unique and it sounds like a hairdresser in Kirby Stephen – I quite liked the ‘In Season’ suggestion - bitches on heat, an opportunity for hunting something and fashion. The complexity of the event was kind of interesting, there was a lots of congratulating each other for getting knighthoods, married to ideas about bohemian creatives rocking out. Several people were wearing medals, very cheap looking medals, looked like they bought them at a fair and were wearing them for a joke but I think they where in fact the officer bearers for the RA, like president and so on. At the beginning of the evening there was a standing toast to the Queen, then there was the use of the word fuck and then some standing toasts to the secretarial staff of the Sponsors Club. Tracy Emin appeared to be hosting the evening and as one toast master stated – ‘later on Tracy will be doing some very exciting things with David Thorp’ what like folding him into a swan. Or as it was in reality prompting him to mention money – which was what the dinner was about – actually Tracy was very responsible and seemed more like arts administrator than any of the professionals.

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