Grizedale Arts


Phil Collins

Born 1969.

At Grizedale

Phil was originally offered a commission to make a work for Romantic Detachment, following a short visit and a lot of stories about Trisha (the TV show) and various other tragi-comic backwaters of culture. He proposed a number of possibilities but never had the time to realise any of them.

Discussion continues on occasion, he made a proposal for Agrifashionista.TV — which again failed to come to fruition due to the project cancellation.

His best-known work is perhaps ‘the return of the real’ (2005), originally commissioned by the 9th Istanbul Biennial, where he invited people who felt their lives had been ruined by appearing on talk-shows and makeover shows to tell their extraordinary stories at a press conference. Furthermore, he hired a director of a Turkish reality TV show to conduct hour-long interviews with the participants. By putting these individuals under scrutiny once again, Phil makes the ethics of further exploitation one of the main subjects of the piece.

For his show at the 2006 Turner Prize, Phil presented Shady Lane Productions, a functioning television production studio. The gallery was turned over to media-hub with the premise being the production of a UK episode of ‘the return of the real’.

Phil’s art "investigates our ambivalent relationship with the camera as both an instrument of attraction and manipulation, of revelation and shame. He brings into focus the discrepancy between fact and fiction, and the ugly artifice of the documentary industry."

As for the image above, could be?


2004 - 2008

Selected Shows

Solo Exhibitions
2011 Marxism Today, BFI, London
2010 Cornerhouse, Manchester
2009 Tramway, Glasgow
2007 Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh

Group Exhibitions
2010 The 6th Berlin Biennale, Germany
2008 Double Agent, ICA, London, 2008
2006 Turner Prize, Tate Britain, London