Grizedale Arts


Lucienne Cole

Born 1969.

At Grizedale

Selected for residency in 2005, Lucienne took part in Cumbriana Proof, developing a series of radio interviews with local record collectors for Jesse Rae's Brick FM Coniston community station. She had previously tap danced lugubriously to the Smith's ‘Heaven Knows I am Miserable Now’ at Romantic Detachment in New York, a work that was something of a signature piece.

In Japan, Lucienne researched youth cults and performed a series of orchestrated dance pieces at Ikebukuro International Arts Festival, with the Japanese public as participants. She also tried to order vegetarian food with the phrase book adage 'Watashi Wa Begetarian' to which waiters responded by cheerfully bringing platefuls of steaming meat product.

Virtually Grizedale became her largest commission where she orchestrated a Mod weekend in It'll Never Be Over for Me, complete with record fair, authentic instrument and sound equipment band (which was very quiet), and a 4-hour discussion group on Mod culture. Her work looks for cultural gravitas in the lightweight pop iconography and teen obsessions of the modern era.

Project Contributions



Selected Shows

2010 Testing Ground, 176/Zabludowicz Collection, London
2009 New Art Gallery Walsall
2006 Art Futures, Bloomberg Space, London