Grizedale Arts


Jorn Ebner

Born 1965.

At Grizedale

Jorn was already on residency at Grizedale when Adam Sutherland arrived as director in 1999. His work 'Mobile Settlement' was a performance piece that involved a sheet of bright red plastic and a small trolley that Jorn dragged around behind him. He adds: "The projects show a hybrid of sculptural autonomy of objects and a functionality for everyday experience which questions artistic autonomy at the same time."

Jorn has since made a lot of web-based art, video and sound work around landscape, noise, and the post-Y2K condition.

His book 'Handbook for a Mobile Settlement' is available to buy online from our shop.


Project Contributions



Selected Shows

Solo Exhibitions
2010 Uncertainty Underneath Immense Skies, Vane, Newcastle
2000 Flower Equation, Dundee Contemporary Arts

Group Exhibitions
2009 Japan Media Arts Festival, National Art Center, Tokyo
2008 Harry Smith Anthology Remixed, CCA, Glasgow
2006 Ars Electronica Festival, Linz