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Jenny Brownrigg

At Grizedale

One of the first in a series of writers in residence, Jenny spent her residency researching and producing the publication Nature Centre. Bringing together writing, poetry, interviews and source material gathered from National Park documents, wilderness policies and educational workshops, the book explores the mismatch between the idea of the natural landscape and its reality. Examining the work of some of Grizedale’s other resident artists; Nature Centre contextualises the frequently negative reception of their work by the public within the fragile self-image of the Lake District as an unspoilt rural idyll.

After this project Jenny was employed at Grizedale for another two years as curator and project manager, leaving in 2002 to take up role as Exhibitions Department Curator at the Duncan of Jordonstone College of Art and Design (Dundee). She was also co-curator of the Young Artists’ Biennial: Absent without Leave, Bucharest, Romania in 2006. She is now the director of Glasgow School of Art's gallery.


Nature Centre (Book)

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