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Anna Best

At Grizedale

Anna first worked at Grizedale in the early 1990's when she was a sculpture protegee of Anthony Caro. She worked to cast and invert a mountain top in a project called Map, concerned with the process of recording the earth's surface. She fell out with Caro when she moved away from sculpture with a work that was basically a garden shed filled with stuff that suggested that an identifiable personality used the space. Caro publicly berated her for her betrayal of pure sculptural values. The attack had a profound effect on Anna, and she stopped making work for some time.

Later, her seminal work, an urban gymkana called A Pony Race for a Bridle for the South London Gallery provided the impetus for an invitation from Grizedale to undertake a residency. This eventually became a collaborative project with Karen Guthrie, Nina Pope and Simon Poulter under the moniker People from Off. This resulted in the very people-focused Festival of Lying.

Anna is the indiscriminate documentor, filming everything and recording the smallest and most apparently insignificant of details, almost a compulsion, as little of this vast archive could ever be processed or used.

Anna has since settled down with a charming Italian anarchist, had twins, and moved to the country idyll of her Dorset estate where her partner hunts with a bow and arrow. They continue to have contact with Grizedale and have visited a number of times since the residency period to discuss involvement in various projects.

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