Grizedale Arts


Adam Sutherland

Adam Sutherland was appointed in March 1999. He was previously Director of, a visual arts organisation in rural Scotland. Adam leads Grizedale Arts organisation's core development - curating off-site projects, writing and pig-farming.

Current priorities include the development of a collection of British craft & design for the Lawson Park refurbishment.

Dorian Fraser-Moore

Dorian Fraser Moore works with Grizedale, architecting, designing, programming their websites and helping to develop new ways for our content to reach audiences online.

He's currently working on ways of capturing what's going on at Lawson Park and feeding it back out onto the web, creating a record of the social collisions that happen in the space and through Grizedale's activities.

As the useful arts he works with a variety of artists, arts and architectural practices, and the odd corporate client, may overlapping with Grizedale, helping them develop websites and technological concepts to realisation.

Tracy Hodgson

Tracy works part time at Grizedale and is responsible for the financial operation of the organisation.

Pippa Martin

Pippa Martin is the Programme Manager for the Coniston Institute She is based in the village at the Institute and works with the village to develop the Institute as a community resource, building on its long history of education, arts and crafts and community development.