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Living National Treasures (in Waiting)

Thanks to everyone who recently took part in this collaboration with Castlefield Gallery in Manchester where we brought together 3 master crafts people from Korea and 2 UK designers. We'll say more about what happens next, soon.....

Bravo Anne

We recently celebrated the MBE awarded to our longterm Coniston supporter Anne Hall with a slap-up dinner full of donations from local folks.

Instagram It

We're now on Instagram as @grizedale.arts.
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Recent highlights include a bat, some talented Koreans, and several large mushrooms.

Function At The Junction

For A Fair Land - Grizedale's 2016 project at IMMA in Dublin - we commissioned some short 'how to' films from Maria Benjamin and Marcus Coates.

Learn how to make simple useable, desirable and achievable products and take part in a creative fitness routine from Marcus - see the short films here.....

Just For Fun - The Peter Hodgson Retrospective

We have brought together a collective of artists to help present and celebrate Lake District artist and maker Peter Hodgson and his lifetime of creative endeavour. Peter's work has influenced and been appreciated by so many of our visiting artists that it is about time we made a fuss of the man.

The artists are Endless Supply, Maria Benjamin, Graham Taylor, juneau/projects, Joe Hartley, Tom Philipson, Karen Guthrie and Laure Provoust.

The exhibition opens in Coniston at the Institute from 27th October and runs for 3 weeks before touring to Castlefield Gallery in Manchester, MIMA Middlesborough and further venues down south to be announced.

Nice Publication About Nice Things On Nice Paper

After Ford 151 is a hilarious romp through the Lawson Park design collection - originally published to accompany the exhibition of the same title it looks at the motivation and politics behind making, design and design movements. Lavishly illustrated with drawings by Jina Lee, accompanied by a preposterous text by Adam Sutherland. Ideal toilet book for the design interested at the startling price of £5 buy it here.

Buy Our Book Online

Kevin Reid performs (2003)Grizedale Arts - Adding Complexity to Confusion is a lavishly illustrated romp through the last decade of our projects and it's now available to BUY ONLINE HERE.

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