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The Confessions Of The Imperfect

Confessions of the Imperfect: On Art, History and Use: 1848 - 1989 - today

A large scale historical survey show in Eindhoven co-curated by Grizedale Arts and the Van Abbe Museum opening November 22 to February 22. This exhibition presents a new history of art according to use value - from John Ruskin to Edward Snowden, with contributions from John Ruskin, Renzo Martens, Fernando Dory Garcia, Liam Gillick, Alexadra Pirici and Manuel Pelmus, Alan Turing, Wendelien van Oldenburgh and many, many more.

The Honest Shop

The Honest Shop at Coniston Institute is now up and running and open every day. Selling only locally produced products made by the village. Fresh veg from the surrounding gardens and allotments, freezer meals made by the Youth Club, alpaca knitwear from a nearby farm, home baking from many of the local ladies and much more!

A new Honest Shop will be included as part of the exhibition The Politics of Craft: After Ford 151 at Glasgow School of Art;designed in this instance by Giles Round for APAP Korea.

The Politics Of Craft: After Ford 151

7 Feb - 8 Mar 2015 Open every day 10am - 5pm

Reid Gallery, The Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow G3 6RF

'The Politics of Craft: After Ford 151' is the story of the failure of the political ambitions of craft and design: utopian ambitions mixed with an uncomfortable relationship between machine, hand and economics. This exhibition engages with historical ideas relating to both mass mechanical reproduction and craft in order to encourage contemporary art and design to have a use. It presents Grizedale Arts’ own polticised history of design - a brave new world of objects and ideas that serve as a provocative reassessment of the Arts & Crafts legacy.

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Kevin Reid performs (2003)Grizedale Arts - Adding Complexity to Confusion is a lavishly illustrated romp through the last decade of our projects and it's now available to BUY ONLINE HERE.

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