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9 Ideas For Coniston

The St Martin's School of Art, Architecture MA will be presenting thier ideas for Coniston on Saturday 4th March from 2- 6pm including a tea by the Coniston Youth Club at 4pm and a dinnner by The Village Table at 7pm. Everyone welcome - workshops and talks, one to one discussion, models and drawings, they want to know what you think.

A Dream For Shimonoseki (their Title Not Ours)

In April 2017 Grizedale arts and The Fairland Collective will be in a bamboo forest in Japan working on the development of products and infrastructure to re-energise their village hall and local activities.

We’re expecting new products and a return visit in some form to Coniston and beyond.

Including Francesca Ulivi, Tom Philipson, Motoko Fujita, Brenda Kearney.

The Mice Will Play

Residency Club

Apologies to all - this was erroneously included in the newsletter a little early - we haven’t quite sorted out the detail - selection panel etc. It will be happening and it will be sent out via the newsletter and other organs within the new month. Deadline is not till end of May anyway.

Louis Wain - Apologetic Cat, 1914 Britain's first modernist?

Function At The Junction

For a Fair Land - Grizedale's project at IMMA in Dublin - we have commissioned some short 'how to' films from Maria Benjamin and Marcus Coates - being actually useful films on how to make simple useable, desirable and achievable products and a creative fitness routine from Marcus - see them here

Nice Publication About Nice Things On Nice Paper

After Ford 151 is a hilarious romp through the Lawson Park design collection - originally published to accompany the exhibition of the same title it looks at the motivation and politics behind making, design and design movements. Lavishly illustrated with drawings by Jina Lee, accompanied by a preposterous text by Adam Sutherland. Ideal toilet book for the design interested at the startling price of £5 buy it here.

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Kevin Reid performs (2003)Grizedale Arts - Adding Complexity to Confusion is a lavishly illustrated romp through the last decade of our projects and it's now available to BUY ONLINE HERE.

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